At Flavo Blitz, we pay careful attention to ensure that the composition of our nature identical flavouring products are compatible with the category of confectionary.

Bakery products have a fat and sugar relationship and the principal category of these bakery products are as follows:

  • Bread

  • Hot Plate Goods

  • Morning Goods

  • Powder Goods

  • Biscuits

  • Cakes

  • Bakery Fillings

General :
The baking process is particularly hard on flavourings. Typically the flavours used in the bakery industry.

  • Must be able to withstand heat processes varying above 100 Deg C

  • Retain its character at pH of 6-8

  • Must not be distorted in the presence of fat and dryness condition of most bakery products

Flavo Blitz’s Nature Identical flavours are perfect to substitute the loss of flavour.