At Flavo Blitz, we pay careful attention to ensure that the composition of our nature identical flavouring products are compatible with the category of confectionary.

The principal category of sugar confectionary are as follows:

  • High Boilings – cream and lozenge paste

  • Fat Boilings – compressed tablets

  • Toffees – jellies and gums

  • Fudge – chewing gums

  • Fondants – panned

  • Candy – chocolate

General :
There is a large temperature band when processing the above type of various confectionaries. The large temperature band is necessary driven by receipe differences and the eventual texture development. The process involves high temperatures, the natural flavours that are present is lost. Nature Identical flavours are perfect to substitute the loss of flavour character, intensity or acceptance. The end result is a confectionary that has the desired taste and texture.