Flavoblitz is a leading supplier of high quality Flavour and Fragrance products. Flavo Blitz has experience across the globe to offer all round expertise in helping you to understand and drive towards consumer preferences.
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Our Flavours and Fragrances are Halal Certified

High Quality Flavour and Fragrance Products

We provide innovative flavour and fragrance solutions that will enhance and sustain competitiveness

Flavours & Taste

Butter Flavours
Flavours in butter is delectable in taste. However many of the butter replacers cannot match this flavour and if they do, consumer preference for a healthier option may make this butter replacer difficult to be accepted.
Consumer drive towards bakery products such as bread, rolls, biscuits, cookies, pies, cakes, pastries/fillings and muffins are focused on bakery products that contribute to a healthier lifestyle.Our flavours play a key role by not compromising taste nor nutrition.
When formulation of beverages is done such as when it involves elevated temperatures, health and wellness concept beverages, Flavour Blitz has flavours that gives a perfect and well-rounded creation of flavour intensity beverage of desirable taste that meets target consumer preference.
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Fragrance and Senses

Fine Fragrance perfumery is the art that is at the heart of our business. It translates the precious memories, dreams and desires of everyone's mind into a variety of fragrances.
Personal care is a major part of our day-to-day lives, one that can not be skipped. Refreshing feelings are preserved through fraagrances such as Cosmetic products, Color additives, Dyes, Perfumes,
Beautiful scents like fabric softeners, soaps, air freshners and deodarants to every corner of our living space. Change your premises ambiance with our exclusive range of home fragrance products.
Developing oral care products that gives freshness with taste. When it comes to oral care products, fragrance matters. From toothpaste, mouth fresheners all must have some good fragrances.
Flavours & Fragrances

Our Taste sense & Blog

We pay careful attention to ensure that the composition of our
flavouring products are compatible with the all category from beverages to confectionary
To ensure that the composition of our nature identical flavouring products are compatible with the category of bakery products.
Cloudifiers are the clouding or turbidity agents designed to add thickness, cloudiness in the foods and beverages such as fruit juices and other carbonated drinks.
To ensure that the composition of our nature identical flavouring products are compatible with the category of confectionary.
The flavours from Flavo Blitz are excellent to be used in formulating with pharmaceutical products.