• Consumer drive towards bakery products such as bread, rolls, biscuits, cookies, pies, cakes, pastries/fillings and muffins are focused on bakery products that contribute to a healthier lifestyle or products required for specialized diet requirement that does not compromise on taste nor nutrition.
  • The flavors from Flavoblitz play a key role in making these bakery products indulging and tasty to the conscious consumer.
  • At Flavoblitz, we pay careful attention to ensure that the composition of our flavours are compatible in terms of application such as fat and sugar relationship in meeting optimum flavour benefits in terms of taste, nutrition benefits and financial cost effectiveness.

The baking process is particularly hard on flavourings. Typically, the flavours used in the bakery industry must be able to withstand heat processes varying above 180 Deg C and retain its character at pH of 6-8 especially the loss of flavours. Flavo Blitz produces flavours that are heat resistant through special processing technology. These heat resistant flavours are perfect for bakery applications in enhancing favour and taste.