Flavoblitz Temperature Resistant (TR) butter flavours

All of us know that butter flavours add richness and flavour to many bakery applications. Fortunately flavoblitz has developed natural butter flavours that exhibit temperature resistant characteristics via special production technical expertise. Flavour retention properties are profoundly excellent at 180 deg C baking temperature. Final product exhibits subtle, tangy quality that transforms your pastries into an experience of something of truly special taste.

Preferences Of Cake Type Based On Age Group
Experiment conducted to test on HT Resistant Butter Flavour under 180oC baking Temperature

Figure 1

A random survey using flavours from flavoblitz for various age groups exhibited preference for flavoblitz flavours ( as per figure 1).

Try our various characteristic or profiles of our butter flavours. We have butter flavours that is of classical butter profile to a truly exotic butter profile nature. We are sure to meet your required profile be it from our library or we will formulate from scratch to meet your needs...surely.